Fall 2014 Events

Early College Tailgate

-We invited students, regardless of mastery level or grade, to attend a pizza tailgate and a varsity football game at John Carroll University.  Early College Students got a chance to eat and chat with JCU Undergraduates and then attend a rival football game against Heidelberg.  Our hope was to show students that although college is hard work, there are many opportunities for fun and socialization.


Freshmen Early College Tour

-Almost the entire freshmen class at Early College came to visit JCU’s campus as an introduction to the program and partnership.  We began with a welcome by Dr. Mark Storz, our program coordinator here at John Carroll for the Early College Program.  We then took the students on a guided tour of the campus.  After the tour there was a student panel for a Q& A session.  The panel consisted of 5 Early College students who are currently taking classes on JCU’s campus, and 4 traditional undergraduate students.  The freshmen were able to ask questions regarding tuition, time management, and many other things regarding college life.  We ended the day with lunch at the JCU Dining hall to give the students a realistic college experience.  We want the freshmen to know early on that we want them to achieve and be able to take classes at John Carroll and that we want them to be part of our community.  That is why we want to begin early introducing them to the concept of college.

Early College Speaker Series 

-We are working to bring faculty and staff from John Carroll to the Heights High campus in order to introduce students to staff they may interact with in the future as well as to be immersed in a college readiness atmosphere already facilitated by the staff at Real Early College High School.

-Our first speaker was Patrick McDermott, a representative from the Admissions office at John Carroll.  His presentation was “How to Make Yourself a Better College Applicant Early.”  This was to begin helping student get in the mindset of choosing activities and well rounded involvement to create a resume that many colleges would want in their acceptance pile.  Students overall seemed to find this helpful, and many took away tips for college applications and extracurricular activity ideas.

-We look forward to having many more members of the John Carroll Community at Heights High and sharing their knowledge and advice with the students as they make their journey toward higher education.



We appreciate your interest in our program, and if you have any questions regarding events, requirements, or program structure, please email us at earlycollege@jcu.edu .