Library Research Day

On Monday, March 2nd, sophomores in the R.E.A.L. Early College Program will be coming to John Carroll to work on research at Graselli Library for Celebration of Scholarship. They will be learning how to navigate a college library while gathering valuable information for their research projects.


Looking Ahead to Celebration of Scholarship

We at the Early College program are incredibly excited that our students will be creating original research projects and presenting them at Celebration of Scholarship. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about the valuable practice of research at the undergraduate level while applying their personal interests to their academic studies. The speakers tomorrow target sophomores participating in Celebration of Scholarship.

As part of the Spring Speaker Series, Catherine Anson, the director of sponsored research at John Carroll University and a Certified Research Administrator, will speak at Cleveland Heights University Heights High School tomorrow at 2 p.m. She will explain expectations for Celebration of Scholarship as well as address the institutional side of research.

Also speaking tomorrow is Rebecca Drenovsky, an associate professor of Biology at the university, and one of her undergraduate students, Claire. Ms. Drenovsky has a research interest in Botany and she will share her experiences with the creative side of research and explain the role of faculty as mentors for student research. Claire plans to share the opportunities that have become available to her as a result of her research.