Update on our Students


We are pleased to announce that we have selected the new mentors for next year! Eight undergraduate students were chosen to become mentors and a three session training process begins this week. We also have several current mentors who wish to return next year and we are excited to have them back.

Early College Sophomores

The Early College sophomores are finishing and submitting research projects for John Carroll’s Celebration of Scholarship. During their sophomore year, students in the R.E.A.L. Early College Program are required to complete a comprehensive research project. The students work with a faculty mentor at the high school, and have multiple opportunities to learn about research at and work with John Carroll staff. Last year’s sophomores were our first class to participate in Celebration of Scholarship and they did a tremendous job interacting with faculty and presenting in a professional manner and we are glad to have a second group of students coming to the event.We look forward to having them on campus in a few short weeks.


The juniors, who are matched with an undergraduate mentor, have learned about balancing their college and high school responsibilities. They are in discussions with advisors and their mentors about what classes they plan on taking next fall, and we have been impressed by their goals and openness to new experiences.


Our seniors are busily immersed in campus life, many of them taking a full-time student course load at John Carroll, and making their college decisions. We are so proud of their growth during their time taking courses at John Carroll, and wish them the best with their post-graduation plans!


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