Fall 2016 Activities

The new juniors are now on campus and we’re excited that our mentors and mentee pairs are starting their weekly meetings. Our first activity this fall for all of the on-campus students is a Photo Scavenger Hunt! We will be counting up the totals the week of October 10th. Have fun!!

Take a selfie in the locations hinted at by the clues below. . . Good luck!

John Carroll prides itself on being a Jesuit institution. Find a sign/statue/picture that embodies one of John Carroll’s core values.

DIII school with DI pride. . .where do we cheer on our sports teams? (hint–there’s more than one right answer).

In the winter, its lit up green and red. Featured in one of John Carroll’s awesome Snapchat filters.

This “building” is technically one floor. Take a selfie in front of one of the purple walls.

“I write good or I write well?” Where do all of the cool kids go to get a second set of eyes on their papers?

A labyrinth is an intricate structure, or a vast maze. Find it here at JCU!

“My password won’t log me in to Canvas! My computer won’t turn on!”. Take a selfie outside of the building where you go to for tech help. Bonus- hold up the number of fingers that corresponds to the floor you’d visit!

Painted blue and gold, awkward to carry but moved around all the time, they dot the quads.

Find the comfiest room in the library, take a load off, and snap a selfie.
Bonus Question- How many computer labs can you find on campus? Take a quick picture every time you see one.


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