Why Do We Serve?

Geovana & Geovani 


Geovana and Geovani are twin seven year olds. They are the definition of “double trouble,” and are definitely a handful. Their parents are not together and they were brought to the orphanage by their dad, whose current wife does not want the kids living with them.

After living at the orphanage for a couple months, they were beginning to make progress in their behaviors. Their dad came and said he was ready to bring Geovani home with him but that he did not want his twin sister, Geovana, to come with. After talking to the orphanage staff about the importance of siblings staying together, he decided to take both siblings to live with him. Three days later, he was back with both kids.
Geovana sat and listened as her father verbally rejected her, announcing over and over again why he did not want her. Thanks to the orphanage staff advocating for both kids, they are both still living with us, where they can go to school and live safety together. Geovana still cries herself to sleep many nights, longing for her dad. These two have a unique and special love for each other, which provides some peace in the midst their young but turbulent lives.



Braulio’s family lives near our orphanage is Rosarito. His dad suffers from several severe handicaps and lives with over 10 of Braulio’s siblings. Due to his physical restrictions, Braulio’s father cannot completely care for him and Braulio was abused by his siblings who have completely rejected him as a part of their family. Braulio’s father brought him to live at Tijuana Christian Mission so that he would have a safe home to live in. Braulio is a sweet, loving boy with a very low self esteem.

Melissa & Elias 

elias melissa
8 year old Melissa and her 13 year old brother Elias were brought to Tijuana Christian Mission by their grandfather. They were often left home alone or with friends to watch them, as their mother was on drugs and was never home with them. Their grandfather wanted both kids in a safe home where they could go to school, as they were not going to school while living with their mom. Both kids are learning and thriving at TCM. As a sixth grader, Elias entered school for the first time and scored the highest grades in our home in seventh grade! TCM continues to care for and love all children, and makes a great difference in the lives of many.

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