Spring Semester 2017

Just a brief update on John Carroll’s Early College Program!

On April 3rd, 17 sophomore students presented research projects at John Carroll’s Celebration of Scholarship.

Mentors for next year’s mentoring program were selected in March and in April, they were trained on John Carroll’s Minors On Campus policy, communication skills, and diversity.

On May 4th, the Early College Program Awards Ceremony will take place on John Carroll’s campus. Students will be recognized for their academic achievements in both the Cleveland Heights University Heights classroom and the John Carroll classroom.

Thank you to everyone for their commitment to the program this year and best of luck to graduating seniors!



Mentor Recruitment

The Early College Mentoring Program is looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students interested in becoming mentors.

Why Become a Mentor?

Share your knowledge and experience

Make a difference in another person’s life

Improve leadership and communication skills

If you’re looking for a flexible service opportunity, check out the “Become a Mentor” page and apply here: ’17-’18 Mentor Application Form


Early College received some exciting news to start the spring semester about our fall service project. Our contact at Tijuana Christian Mission informed us that while she is not sure on the exact amount of funds raised, TCM is only 2 stamps away from being completely compliant. The orphanage has used the money raised so far to put in new stairs, doors, windows, and emergency exits. Now, they are working on bringing in doctors and nurses to make sure the kids get some solid care.

In other news, we are planning on doing another blanket-making service event with Labre in  the next few weeks. Date to come soon!

Service Event: EC and Labre

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On December 1st, Early College mentors and students paired up with John Carroll’s Labre group. Students in Labre serve the homeless in Cleveland, offering them friendship, food, and supplies. The people they serve expressed a need for blankets and Early College was excited to have the opportunity to work together and learn about service.

During the event, we made 14 blankets while listening to festive music and sharing stories about service. The students had so much fun that they’re already asking about when we can do service again!

To learn more about Labre, check out their twitter, @JcuLabre, or their John Carroll page, http://sites.jcu.edu/labre/. Thank you for working with us, Labre, and for all the great work you do!

Why Do We Serve?

Geovana & Geovani 


Geovana and Geovani are twin seven year olds. They are the definition of “double trouble,” and are definitely a handful. Their parents are not together and they were brought to the orphanage by their dad, whose current wife does not want the kids living with them.

After living at the orphanage for a couple months, they were beginning to make progress in their behaviors. Their dad came and said he was ready to bring Geovani home with him but that he did not want his twin sister, Geovana, to come with. After talking to the orphanage staff about the importance of siblings staying together, he decided to take both siblings to live with him. Three days later, he was back with both kids.
Geovana sat and listened as her father verbally rejected her, announcing over and over again why he did not want her. Thanks to the orphanage staff advocating for both kids, they are both still living with us, where they can go to school and live safety together. Geovana still cries herself to sleep many nights, longing for her dad. These two have a unique and special love for each other, which provides some peace in the midst their young but turbulent lives.



Braulio’s family lives near our orphanage is Rosarito. His dad suffers from several severe handicaps and lives with over 10 of Braulio’s siblings. Due to his physical restrictions, Braulio’s father cannot completely care for him and Braulio was abused by his siblings who have completely rejected him as a part of their family. Braulio’s father brought him to live at Tijuana Christian Mission so that he would have a safe home to live in. Braulio is a sweet, loving boy with a very low self esteem.

Melissa & Elias 

elias melissa
8 year old Melissa and her 13 year old brother Elias were brought to Tijuana Christian Mission by their grandfather. They were often left home alone or with friends to watch them, as their mother was on drugs and was never home with them. Their grandfather wanted both kids in a safe home where they could go to school, as they were not going to school while living with their mom. Both kids are learning and thriving at TCM. As a sixth grader, Elias entered school for the first time and scored the highest grades in our home in seventh grade! TCM continues to care for and love all children, and makes a great difference in the lives of many.

Service: Living Out “Men and Women for Others”

This holiday season, the Early College Mentoring Program is taking part in two service projects. The goal of the mentoring program is to enrich the educational experiences of students and mentors, and we can hope to do so by serving and advocating for others.


1) to show the students that the college experience provides many ways to get involved, and that these are important learning/growth opportunities
2) to help encourage some community and camaraderie among the students and the mentors

Service Day

An event will be held for students and mentors to make fleece tie blankets for the homeless in Cleveland, partnering with John Carroll’s group, Labre.

Long-term Project

Students and mentors will raise awareness for and do a fundraiser for Tijuana Christian Mission, an orphanage in Mexico with high need. A dear friend of our program’s graduate assistant lives and works at the orphanage, so not only do we know exactly what the money is going toward, but the EC students will be able to see pictures and hear testimonies of how the work they did impacted others. Below is an overview of our campaign.

This holiday season, the Early College Program is raising awareness to help the Tijuana Christian Mission renew its operating license and continue serving children. Located in Mexico, TCM has served children dealing with extreme cases of poverty, abuse, and neglect for over 52 years. Your gift will help with upkeep expenses, access to more care staff, and better access to medical care for the children. In order to carry on its mission of caring for the over 100 children currently housed there, Tijuana Christian Mission needs to raise $25,000 by December 30–and every contribution counts.

We sincerely hope that you will consider donating to the Tijuana Christian Mission as part of the Early College Program’s Holiday Service Project. For those who are willing and able, donations can be sent via PayPal. Once you have an account at www.paypal.com, you will need to click “Pay or send money” and “Send money to friends and family.” There you will search for “Tijuana Christian Mission- City of Refuge, Inc.” or the email address TCM@tijuanachristianmission.org. After putting in your donation amount, please add compliance as your note so that your important donation goes towards this emergency need. You can also make donations through TCM’s “gofundme” at https://www.gofundme.com/tijuanachristianmission. All donations are tax deductible.


For students participating or interested in participating, please check out the following documents or contact us with any questions.




Thank You!

We appreciate your participation in and support of our service projects. Please feel free to email us or use the “Contact Us” feature if you have any questions.


Mentor Meet Up

On Tuesday, October 11th, an event was held for mentors in the O’Connell Reading Room in Dolan Science Center. Under mentoring staff leadership, the undergraduate mentors reviewed listening skills. There was a “cupcake ice breaker” activity and mentors had fun learning more about each other and building community. By the end of the training, mentors were discussing the highs and lows of their mentoring relationship and applying listening skills ideas to their relationships. Thank you to all who attended!

Incentives Program

***Monthly drawing winners receive a $5 Einstein’s gift card (2 for the winning pair, 1 senior winner)***

Go to the Writing Center:  3 tickets

Attend an ECM event (Mentor Meet Up, Service Project, etc.): 5 tickets

Stop by mentoring staff office hours!: 2 tickets

Follow @EarlyCollegeJCU on Twitter/Pinterest: 1 ticket    

Contest winners: 5 tickets

Reaching a SMART goal: 5 tickets

More Ticket Opportunities Available 🙂

Fall 2016 Activities

The new juniors are now on campus and we’re excited that our mentors and mentee pairs are starting their weekly meetings. Our first activity this fall for all of the on-campus students is a Photo Scavenger Hunt! We will be counting up the totals the week of October 10th. Have fun!!

Take a selfie in the locations hinted at by the clues below. . . Good luck!

John Carroll prides itself on being a Jesuit institution. Find a sign/statue/picture that embodies one of John Carroll’s core values.

DIII school with DI pride. . .where do we cheer on our sports teams? (hint–there’s more than one right answer).

In the winter, its lit up green and red. Featured in one of John Carroll’s awesome Snapchat filters.

This “building” is technically one floor. Take a selfie in front of one of the purple walls.

“I write good or I write well?” Where do all of the cool kids go to get a second set of eyes on their papers?

A labyrinth is an intricate structure, or a vast maze. Find it here at JCU!

“My password won’t log me in to Canvas! My computer won’t turn on!”. Take a selfie outside of the building where you go to for tech help. Bonus- hold up the number of fingers that corresponds to the floor you’d visit!

Painted blue and gold, awkward to carry but moved around all the time, they dot the quads.

Find the comfiest room in the library, take a load off, and snap a selfie.
Bonus Question- How many computer labs can you find on campus? Take a quick picture every time you see one.

Celebration of Scholarship

image (5) image (4)








On Monday, April 11th, Early College Sophomores presented their research projects at John Carroll’s Celebration of Scholarship. The students prepared elevator pitches and shared their projects alongside undergraduate students. Their professionalism and presentation skills greatly impressed teachers and judges and we hope to see the Sophomores on campus next fall!