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This page is to provide you with resources to help you with the college application process. Feel free to send Early College drafts of your application essays or stop by office hours for help at any stage of the process.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Before you start clicking through scholarships, consider:

Do you have an intended major? Many scholarships target specific majors

Does your church/community center offer any scholarships? Many times you will find out that they do.

Did you research scholarship opportunities at each of the colleges you applied for? Make sure you look into them.

Does your elementary school have a scholarship program? Student organizations you’re still a part of?

The guidance office usually has a list of scholarships–they are most likely your best resource for scholarships.

For All Seniors

The Cleveland Foundation: 59 scholarships, several are only for students graduating from specific high schools, others are unique groups who want to present an award to a graduating senior in any part of the greater Cleveland area.

Scholarship Opportunities Specifically for Minority Students

Specific Opportunities

The individual must reside in the city of Cleveland, or the counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Medina, Lake, Portage or Lorain. The recipient must be female and enrolled full time at the University. The scholarship is renewable provided the individual maintains a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Must be a female resident of Ohio

Students Applying to OSU- Several scholarship possibilities

Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Applied and General Mathematics, Economics

Computer Science

Scholarships for Female STEM Majors


Bizarre Scholarships

Fun, Easy Scholarships