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This portion of the website is for the REAL Early College Students and their undergraduate mentors. This page will have all the up to date requirements, links needed, and other interesting things that are happening for you in the mentoring program.

“Stress Management Tips for Finals Time” (Courtesy of the JCU Counseling Center)

  • Don’t procrastinate.


      • Try to avoid cramming by studying a bit each night in the days leading up to your exam. You’ll be surprised how much progress you make and how much less stressed you feel.
  • Form a study group.


      • This might help you understand material better, and also can hold you more accountable to set aside time to study.
  • Take time for yourself.


      • Even taking a 30 minute break from studying can help ease stress.
      • Hint: Avoid Netflix! It’s so easy to get caught up in a show, or to distract yourself from studying by wondering what happens in the next episode. Save the binge watching for winter break!
  • Take care of your body.


      • Eating healthy and not skipping meals helps give your brain what it needs to stay focused and fresh.
      • 20-30 minutes of physical activity can help relieve tension and help you sleep better.
  • Use campus resources.


  • Remember: Not all stress is bad.


    • “Yes, a small amount of stress does have some benefits. It’s motivating, for one, and it also provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment once it’s overcome. What’s important is that you don’t let it escalate and get the best of you.”

“10 Relaxation Tips that Zap Stress Fast”

  • Meditate: Taking time to sit in stillness and let your mind wander can do wonders. Guided meditations are relatively easy to find (try youtube, for example).
  • Breathe deeply: Sitting for five minutes and just focusing on breathing can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure to help you feel more calm.
  • Be present: Take things one step at a time. Instead of looking at the long to do list of what you need to accomplish, focus solely on what you are doing this very moment. It’ll keep you calm and help the time pass more quickly.
  • Reach out: Talk to friends and family to help relieve stress, and look to your support system. You’ll find that in person conversations are more effective at relieving stress than just texting.

Helpful Links on Relaxation and Meditation

JCU Counseling Center Virtual Pamphlets


Calm is a well known app that provides access to relaxation sounds and to meditations on various topics (stress relief, dealing with anxiety, etc.)

Mindfulness and Headspace are two other well known meditation apps. For more info on apps, check out or

Meditation Videos Recommended by the JCU Counseling Center

TED Talks about Stress

“How to Make Stress Your Friend” by Kelly McGonigal

In this video, Kelly McGonigal talks about how our views on stress can decide everything, and even change our body’s response to stress. This is a very helpful and insightful video.

“All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes” by Andy Puddicome

Andy Puddicome talks about how good it is for us to occasionally do…nothing. No texting, talking, watching TV, eating, etc. Just doing nothing. He explains the way mindfulness and meditation can make a difference in our stress levels and our lives.

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Tips about how to relax and unwind

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To Do:

ZENTANGLE- A basic guide for how to start:

If you want to read more about the background and positive outcomes of zentangle, read here:

Coloring Pages- If you need coloring supplies, please stop by CSSA during regular business hours or Early College Office Hours, we’ll be sure to find some for you!

15 Free Printable Coloring Pages

How to Write Affirmations

Write Affirmations

How to Write Affirmations

Fun Writing Sites to try





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