Service: Living Out “Men and Women for Others”

This holiday season, the Early College Mentoring Program is taking part in two service projects. The goal of the mentoring program is to enrich the educational experiences of students and mentors, and we can hope to do so by serving and advocating for others.


1) to show the students that the college experience provides many ways to get involved, and that these are important learning/growth opportunities
2) to help encourage some community and camaraderie among the students and the mentors

Service Day

An event will be held for students and mentors to make fleece tie blankets for the homeless in Cleveland, partnering with John Carroll’s group, Labre.

Long-term Project

Students and mentors will raise awareness for and do a fundraiser for Tijuana Christian Mission, an orphanage in Mexico with high need. A dear friend of our program’s graduate assistant lives and works at the orphanage, so not only do we know exactly what the money is going toward, but the EC students will be able to see pictures and hear testimonies of how the work they did impacted others. Below is an overview of our campaign.

This holiday season, the Early College Program is raising awareness to help the Tijuana Christian Mission renew its operating license and continue serving children. Located in Mexico, TCM has served children dealing with extreme cases of poverty, abuse, and neglect for over 52 years. Your gift will help with upkeep expenses, access to more care staff, and better access to medical care for the children. In order to carry on its mission of caring for the over 100 children currently housed there, Tijuana Christian Mission needs to raise $25,000 by December 30–and every contribution counts.

We sincerely hope that you will consider donating to the Tijuana Christian Mission as part of the Early College Program’s Holiday Service Project. For those who are willing and able, donations can be sent via PayPal. Once you have an account at, you will need to click “Pay or send money” and “Send money to friends and family.” There you will search for “Tijuana Christian Mission- City of Refuge, Inc.” or the email address After putting in your donation amount, please add compliance as your note so that your important donation goes towards this emergency need. You can also make donations through TCM’s “gofundme” at All donations are tax deductible.


For students participating or interested in participating, please check out the following documents or contact us with any questions.




Thank You!

We appreciate your participation in and support of our service projects. Please feel free to email us or use the “Contact Us” feature if you have any questions.